Amy Ione
 Oil Paintings
 Acrylics on Paper and Canvas
 Works on Paper (gouache, watercolor, pastel)
 Compositions on Wood/Panel
 Black and White
 Greeting Cards
 Homage Works


Over the years I have explored artmaking visually and viscerally. I have also explored it academically. It is the studio engagement that I find most fulfilling. Indeed, my exploration with art as a practice continues because the results work in a way that makes me want to keep working. As I engage in my daily practice, I find that I continually re-discover my materials as I learn to push them in new directions. I also learn about scientific research as I “see” unexpected nuances in my art and research what I've found so fascinating. In addition, I learn about the work (and the world) outside of my studio as my art travels into the community. I also have learned to love the “exercises” that fail. Sometimes they simply record an effort to see something I could not find. At other times, the energy expended to make sense of something visually leads my work in new directions. A broader selection of my artwork is available in my Etsy shop, ArtPaperEtc, at
. The Etsy shop also includes a number of more recent pieces.
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